How social media networks are affecting travel Industry

Saint Augustine had said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.” That stands true no matter which way you look at it. Of course, there aren’t too many people who don’t like to travel. The world has so much in store for us. The sheer number of sights and sounds, the adventures to embark upon and all the new things we can learn alone as well as together with people we love. The travel industry itself has evolved over time and makes things so much easier for us.

What has also evolved in a big way over time is social media. What started as a simple way to connect with old, long lost friends has turned into a hive of everyday activity to the extent that all major global brands and corporations would not be caught dead without a presence and voice on all leading social media platforms. Social media is not just a simple means of communication anymore; it allows connections of all kinds – personal and business, while more importantly capturing a huge target audience using simple, economically viable means. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google plus today are amongst the most visited sites online, with millions of users from all across the globe online at any given minute of the day.


By a fair margin, the site with the most penetration today is Facebook. Almost a decade has passed since it first surfaced, and without a doubt, it had reached a point where it has changed the face of media overall. Every single brand that needs customers should be a part of this platform with a dedicated team set to handle their online presence. This is important because should a user have a good experience on one brand’s page, they will recommend it to their friends; thus, the popularity and demand for the brand go up.

It’s the same with players from the travel industry. Facebook ads can be customized to display interest-specific ads by each user according to his or her preferences. These ads are always present on whichever page the user is on, and inevitably, the ads catch their interest and lead to further enquiries about the product or service. Those who like to travel will already have visited and “liked” the pages of many travel advisors and agents who allow easy and hassle-free checks for modes of travel, ticketing as well as hotel reservations.

It further helps if the specific travel page provides daily updates or several updates in a week on the page. It could be anything from an interesting destination or a great deal on a domestic holiday. The importance is that you can Buy Facebook likes for your pages and posts. It has some sort of input from the travel company so that it shows up in the news feed of potential customers who have chosen to receive such updates by “liking” the page in the first place.


This is the picture and video sharing plat form where everyone can post and view other photos and videos. More the followers you have more will be your travel agency can grow. Interesting is that you can attach your Instagram profile with your official Facebook page and can promote through Facebook. You can Buy Instagram followers and likes. Yes, it is the simple and quick way of promotion.


Unlike Facebook, twitter is paced way faster. One strong point is that it is equally accessed via smart phones and computers. The basis of twitter is a timeline which contains updates from all the people or parties the user has selected to “follow”. Try to get more followers on Twitter.There are two kinds of people though; those who respond or reply to tweets they see when they log in, and those who scroll down their timeline to look for interesting tweets. What is important for travel industry representatives is that you can Buy Twitter followers easily, and they have catchy lines or images in their tweets that capture the attention of users who have chosen to follow. Of course, it helps to mention the “twitter handle” in print or television ads as that would lead to more followers and retweeters of the brand and its activity on twitter.

Linked In

While primarily created for business networking, LinkedIn does have its fair share of users. While the travel company or any brand for that matter would have a page mostly for recruitment purposes, there are several companies who choose to advertise on LinkedIn. Of course, there are several travel agents and companies from the industry as well as those working in aviation, hospitality and the automobile industry. Every single user will, in one way or another, spread the word when they do encounter something they like.

Google plus

Google plus is another social platform with a growing user base. While it functions like a combination of Twitter and Facebook, it does have several strong points from the marketing and advertising front. The key is to come up with an interesting ad or feature. If someone clicks the link out of interest in the way it was presented, there is a high likelihood that they will publish it to their own space, putting it out there to a further audience. You can now Buy Google plus followers for your profile or page.

To sum up, social media is a powerful marketing tool and it is stronger in many ways as opposed to print or television media. This is because social media operates on a basis of choice. Users choose which updates they would like to see and hence the interest and conversion ratio is much higher. The travel industry has seen a spurt of online transactions and many of these stem from the fact that they’ve chosen to make their presence felt via social media services at Extremegrowth.

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