On Instagram, everyone desires real followers like and comments on their posted pictures. But it is not an easy task. It requires too much time and effort. Mostly people who don’t have time, buy Instagram followers from here. But if you don’t want to spend money for these fake followers and likes you can follow these tricks to get more followers.

1. Planning preparation and then act.

Do this for all working in your life. Being proactive and intentional is the best key to success. Do some planning about how you’ll use this social media network, then create a schedule of posting to keep yourself on track.

2. Unique posts show you authentic and educated person. Don’t copy others. Post clear images with a caption.

3. Add tags to your pictures. If you are fair with another user who has used your products or he/she is your friend, ask them for a mention. When this happened, the result will in a tonne of new followers and likes.

4. Try to post blue colour photos of things dress and locations. Research suggests this types of images get 24% more engagement and likes than orange or red.

5. Working days posted images receive slightly more likes than those photos which posted on other days.

6. Ask for the suggestion

in comments in your posts captions. Some survey shows that these will get significantly many comments than others.

7. Use personal faces in your photos for originality. A user Dan Marella found his images with faces get 35% more likes than those which without faces.

8. Lighter better its reality. Photos that have 65-85% or some less light get 24% more intention than photos having less than 45% light.

9. Use branded hashtag while posting photos. Hashtags make your profile searchable and targeted. These attract more followers and inspire to use on their own posts. This encourages users to engage with your personality, products, or brand. Always use your niche relevant tags which increase your visibility at the same time among your desire users.

10. Invite others to post on your account, if you have too many followers. This is a productive strategy which sends your engagement through the easy way. With this way, you do not have to mention all your followers to see this post.

11. Share other’s images on your wall, especially those ones where they have mentioned you or your brand, personality, or product(s). Then he/she will also share your photos as well.

12. Attach your profile with a Facebook page which this on your profile there with being your address and button for contact or email will show. This will attract more traffic to your profile.

13. Add blog/website link

on your profile. This is a good source of organic traffic on your blog or official website.

14. Follow/invite your all Facebook friends and you’ll see many will follow you back. To apply this to your profile click the 3 dots icon top right of your screen. Select tap ‘Find Friends’ then there click ‘Find friends on Facebook’.

15. Use tell a story feature. This will create a strong emotional connection with your personality, brand or products. Update your innovative story. There is the high possibility that your story will be shared.

16. Go live on your interesting events and tag famous Instagrammers. This will increase your profile visibility and sharing.

17. Use Aviary tool for photo editing such as cropping, adding frames & effects.

18. Use of ‘like’ word in hashtags and captions. Some statics shows these photos get 89% more likes.

19. Use Canvas tool to overlay motivational, inspirational quotes on the image. Images with quotes on social media have the huge ranking.

20. Search for brand hashtags

relevant to your profession and area. Follow pinpoint users having high followers and engagement. Leave some interesting comments on their posts.

21. start relationships with your followers through regular engagement. You never know the values of these connections will lead! These will be your friends or customers.

22.Use Crowdfire tool to analyse statics about how your Instagram posts affect your followers and other visitors.

23. Develop a community using a single special hashtag. Announce a challenge or start a campaign. Community members can participate in with your unique hashtag. Here are some great tips on creating your own hashtag campaign.

Important point to be noted

Remember that having many followers is useless if you don’t have likes or comments. You can buy Instagram likes and comments here. But real is real. So, spent the time to really engage interact and connect with followers. Your goal should be converting the followers into customers. These discussed tips will help you to build your desired audience. You can facilitate lasting engagement with your followers that will multiple over the time. Thanks for reading…! Thumbs up for you!

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